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untit 15, Station Yard, St. Agnes
United Kingdom

0781 4716578

Airkraft specialises in aircooled Volkswagen and Porsche engine building, servicing and restoration.


All Torque

All Torque is one of the UK's fastest flat four Volkswagens. With a best quarter mile time to date of 9.56 @ 146.25 mph, it's certainly no slouch. However, that was with 'just' 600 hp. All Torque has now been re-engineered by Airkraft and the new owner, Nick Edwards, has approximately 1,000 hp on tap. Oh, my! Watch this space...

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All Torque was the fruit of my labour for about 10 years. It started out as an unfinished project that fellow Outlaw Flat Four member,  'Lil' Pete Shattock had begun back in the 1980s. The project was originally intended as a 10 second turbo street car, but... it got a little carried away...

The engine was a Wasserboxer displacing 2.1 litres. Good friend Marco Mansi had originally built it to a high spec and it made 415 horsepower and pushed his 2100 lb street car to high tens. Marco and I developed it further - I made an entirely new turbo header and charge cooler and plenum system that increased flow dramatically. Marco designed and made a new fuel injection system and together we made over 630 horsepower on the St. Agnes rolling road (RK Engineering).

All Torque's 9.56 @ 146.25 mph